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Product Name:

UFO-E 200W high bay


♥ Simple Description:



Item No.:



Description: LED high bay light
Beam angle: 120º
Color Temperature: 4000K, 5000K, 6000K
Dimension: Ø416*H168 mm IP grade: IP 65
Led chips: Philips 3030 LED chips CRI: >75Ra
Power Consumption: 200W Material: Alu housing + high efficiency driver + transparent tempered glass cover
Luminous efficacy: 150lm/w
Lumens: 28000-32000lm Warranty: 5 years


1)  Aluminum alloy housing with tempered glass
2)  High powerful Philips LED light source
3)  High efficiency LED driver

♥ Features:
1) High efficiency driver, conversion efficiency of up to 97%, the whole light efficiency up to 150 lm/w. Power factor> 0.9, IP65 protection class, suitable for indoor and outdoor environment.


2) Philips 3030 led chips, high luminous efficiency, LM80 standard, long life, high stability.


3) Radiator cooling design using honeycomb ventilation structure principle, one made of die-casting.


4) Light body design, light weight, more conducive to transport and installation and maintenance.


5) Lamps are equipped with respirators, which can effectively reduce the heat dissipation, to maintenance a stable lamp work to extend the lamp life.


6) Wide aluminum plate design, fully demonstrated light source light, effectively reduce the light loss, while the lamp body heat more uniform and faster.


7) 120 ° & 90 ° (lampshade) Optional light angle to meet a variety of lighting needs, product applications more extensive and flexible.


8) Package adopts a thick Poly Long plus K = K plus a hard carton to ensure a variety of complex transport.

Working Areas:
Workshops, factories, storehouses, toll stations, gas stations, supermarkets, exhibition halls, gymnasiums,  and some other places where need high-bay lighting.





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